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Purple Passion Beauty Studio

purplepassionWhile living on this tiny but thriving little island in the Caribbean I just happened to mention to the girl doing my nails that I had a web design company… guess what they needed?



The Lakes Cottages & Restaurant

thelakesresortSo much to do at ‘the Lakes’! And what a setting!It was important to appeal to kids… but also to their moms and dads. We needed to show the idyllic location as well as the variety of fun activities to be had by the whole family.

The Water’s Edge

thewatersedge“When you’ve got it – flaunt it” they say. The Water’s Edge definitely ‘has it’ –  ‘The water’s edge’ of the beautiful Bras d’Or Lakes.
That amazing setting, coupled with the three cheerily painted faces of the historic buildings that make up this unique property were a fantastic stimulous for the redesign of their website.


ingonishchaletsIngonish Chalets have been with us since the early days – 1995!The website originally created for them back then was sorely in need of upgrading in order to bring it up to today’s web technology standards. We went to work, list in hand, checking off each of the criteria as it was met.

The result is a fresh, modern, easy-to-navigate yet full-featured website that its owners can be proud of! …not to mention… us 😉


skituonelaLet it snow, let it snow, let it snow!“Happened to check out the website – WHOA! – very nice, very appealing”That’s what we like… happy customers and impressed visitors.


Much of the credit for the esthetically pleasing look and feel of this website design has to go to the landscape artist herself, Lyn Duchesney. Her fantastic photos of the many great landscape projects that make up the layout for the website made it hard to go wrong!Check out the finished product and we’re sure you’ll agree!


Back Cove Cottages took advantage of our ‘makeover’ service and at the same time upgraded from a 1-page website to our ‘Standard CMS’ package with a photo gallery, an availability calendar and a location map.“I love it! Just had a look, that is a really nice facelift…looks great & thank you for your excellent work.”
Kathy MacKinnon, Back Cove Cottages.


The grace and fluid motion of the ballet discipline, but also the gaity, colour and the drama of performance night needed to be swirled into the online presentation of Ballet Bras d’Or.From the backdrop suggestive of the curtain and spotlight to the stature and poise of the young dancers to the flowing, gently entwining pastel lines reminiscent of ‘ballerina ribbons’, and the traditional ballet colours of black and pink, we think this design deserves centre stage… take a bow!Visit

This long-overdue updated design and colour scheme was developed with the desire in mind of invoking the charm of the tranquil setting of Brown’s Suites & Cottages along the meandering Margaree River as it journeys through golden pastures and green rolling hills.An nice clean, easy-to-navigate layout, photo gallery, handy contact form and a Google locator map make this a huge step up from the retired website.


The warm and welcoming hues of hunter green and pine log siding in the Green Highlander Lodge lobby translated nicely to the website design to ensure visitors to the site would sense the ‘cozy lodge’ feeling they will experience when they visit the real thing in person.


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