1. Website Development

I already have a website but I need it updated/re-designed, can you help me?

Yes, we would be happy to look at your existing website and give you a quote for updating or re-designing it.

Will we need to have a meeting in connection with the website design?

In our experience over the past 18 years a meeting isn’t necessary and all of our clients’ websites are completed with contact via email and/or our ‘Live Chat’ system only. We place drafts of the website design onto a private webpage where only yourselves and us can view it. We then communicate with you regularly during the process to discuss the progress until the design and functionality are exactly as you wish.

Once my website is completed – what maintenance do you offer?

We fully support every website we design and host and are always at your service should you require any modifications. We have a 24 hour response policy once you contact us with any changes you need.

Can my website be made so that I can edit the pages myself?

Yes, it can. We can install a ‘CMS’ (content management system) on your existing website, or develop your new one with CMS already installed. Just let us know.

Does my website have to be hosted by Moran Dan if I want it linked to or your other websites?

No, you do not have to host with us. If you do, your links throughout our network of Cape Breton websites are included in the hosting fee. If you don’t, we simply charge you a single $96/year for as many links as are relevant to your website.

Will my website be found in search engines?

Yes, we design all our clients’ websites to be ‘search engine optimized’ and as a bonus, your website benefits from the excellent exposure of our own websites that you are automatically linked to. The minute you are linked to, for example, (which enjoys top placement in search engines), your site will then be catalogued on Google’s very next crawl through the web. Search engines scan your webpage and gather the words within each page into their databases. You can help us help the search engine to give you higher rankings by choosing the wording for your main page carefully. Select words and phrases that you want to be found in searches with. i.e. If you are a B&B on the waterfront in Louisbourg, be sure to say so, so that if someone is searching for a “B&B on the waterfront in Louisbourg”, it will be sure to come up near the top of the results. Put yourself in the traveller’s mind and come up with the words people will be using to find a business like yours.