How do I get a domain name?

We can look after acquiring a domain name for your website. We will search for the most appropriate domain name and register it in your name (you will become the registered owner) and Moran Dan Productions will be the administrative and billing contact. There is an annual fee of $50 for us to host, maintain and administer your domain name on our servers where your website resides. This fee includes the annual registration renewal required by the domain registrar company.

Should I have a domain name for my website?

It is not a requirement for your website to have a domain name, but we strongly recommend it. If you do not have one, your website URL (address) will be attached to whichever one of our domains is appropriate. i.e. if you are a company in Ingonish, your URL would be in the form of ‘’. There are plenty of advantages to owning your own distinct domain name, the most important one being… in the event that any of our domains are discontinued, you would not be affected. Or, if you decided to host your website at a different service, likewise, there would be no affect to your website address. Having your own domain name also adds to a trusted, professional image of your business.